What Dyplanix does

Business Planning

Creating an effective business plan is paramount. It can be crucial to securing funding and to getting your figures right for growth. But more than this, a plan provides a roadmap to establish where your business is going and how it’s going to get there. Be it a strategic, tactical or project plan you need to write or update, Dyplanix can ensure you get it right by:

Business Development

Dyplanix can work with you to capitalise on the strengths of your product or service and to analyse who your customers, or potential customers, really are. With a track record in getting businesses organised and implementing effective marketing strategies, Dyplanix can deliver results for you by:

How Dyplanix works

First we work together to identify your needs. Whether your business is long-established or a fledgling enterprise, a company with an army of staff, or just you and your kitchen table, we take a frank look at your current situation from both macro and micro viewpoints. Everything is covered, from the all-important figures to approaching your customers to gain valuable feedback.

This preparation paves the way for the right interventions to get the most out of your business. The solutions offered will be tailor-made, designed to match the opportunities and constraints of your industry and the aspirations and resources of your enterprise. And I’ll be around to help put them into practice alongside your team.

Working back from your ultimate goals, we break down your required actions into bite-size milestones, with a timetable for achieving your targets. This process provides you with clarity and accountability at every stage. And it offers a continuing motivational force for your team, ensuring that they move forward as one.

A typical schedule of activities

Stage 1
During the first 2-4 weeks, I develop my knowledge of your industry sector and review the current state of your business. I gain an understanding of your vision and direction for the medium to long term.

Stage 2

I make recommendations for immediate changes and for medium to long term planning. I suggest appropriate actions to achieve goals and reach milestones, divided into quarterly intervals. This stage could take 3-6 weeks, depending on the needs of your business.

Stage 3

I conduct a series of four weekly reviews to judge performance against planned goals, with a resetting of targets if necessary. Where required, I provide assistance in adhering to the plan and implementing actions.

Stage 4

Continuing reviews show whether performance is matching the aspirations of your business at weekly/monthly/quarterly intervals and goals may be revised. I continue to be available for ongoing advice and guidance relating to additional aspects of the business. This might include assistance in implementing the actions directed by the plan.

The fee for my service is £85 per one-hour session. A reduced rate of £70 per hour is available when you book regular sessions over at least a three month period.

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Tony Berle - Dyplanix Consulting